Can One Writer Influence the World?

Bryan Hutchinson is living proof that you can influence the world by committing to a regular journal writing habit. Today, I’m guest posting for his blog, Positive Writer. 

Everyone seems to be touting the benefits of keeping a journal these days. I’m glad. I’ve always believed the world would be a better place if more people picked up a favorite pen and wrote their hearts out on a regular basis.

we become observers …

            It’s through a dedicated journal practice that we become observers of life, both our own and that of others. We start on a small scale, creating inner awareness by looking at ourselves. Eventually, we observe on a larger scale by looking outward at the world. By doing both, we acknowledge the complexities of life. We begin to understand how we are all truly connected.

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Writing Family Matters

How many times have you been sitting around the dinner table when a senior family member tells a tale of some past experience and you’re so drawn in, you forget you ate dessert? Before you know it time has flown by, grandpa is ready to go home and you are left craving more. We are pulled into the past as though we are gathered at the storyteller’s feet, listening to a favourite childhood fairy tale, “Once upon a time….” and we are enrapt. We want to know the stories of those who came before us.

“Once Upon a Time” by Une Photos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

When I was a child, my Great Aunt Mabel was like that. She knew the family stories and told them in such an animated way that when she started, we stopped everything to listen. Sad part is, she didn’t write them down. When she passed on, the stories passed with her and I’m sure I am not the only family member with regrets.

My husband has a dear family friend we call Aunty Marg. She is like that, too. Aunty Marg worked as a nurse through World War II, never married and was a world traveller. Her stories were vivid and she helped us learn about real life all through the 1900s. She wound up with dementia and ultimately passed on with her stories still in her. Although I encouraged her to write about her life for us, she didn’t. Now, my regret is that I didn’t write them for her.

Writing matters. All writing matters, but my focus is on legacy due to a deep and long held belief that story is important for strong family ties.

Legacy helps children of every age hold a unique and indestructible sense of belonging.

I want to preserve family story through the written word.

In this day and age, where Skype and other social media have replaced the handwritten letter and, in many cases, a well-written email, it is a challenge to gather our experiences. Unless we take note and purposely record our stories, we’ll lose not only the fine detail of the true tale but we’ll lose the connection to our ancestors, our sense of belonging and our personal family history as well.

What written treasures will your family have to hold and share with their children and grandchildren? We want these stories and we want to revisit them time and time again. In each stage of our lives, we discover new perspective by rereading the stories left to us.

What’s your family story? Who is recording the stories that reveal what life was like when…? Who is your family historian? Could it be you?




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“Once Upon a Time” by Une Photos   is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Why Writing Life Matters

Naming a business comes with responsibility, just like naming your baby. You feel like you want to get it just right by coming up with a name that fits the look and personality.mydesign

When I zeroed in on Writing Life Matters, I knew I’d found the perfect name to describe my company and me.

With a focus on journaling legacy, the name works on many levels.

For starters, journal writing can bring us –

  • clarity,
  • direction,
  • mindfulness,
  • inner peace,
  • a form of meditation,
  • and enhanced creativity.

The writing life matters to me because:

  •             when I’m not writing I’m off balance,
  •             writing is much better than not writing,
  •             it helps me make sense of life,
  •             it moves me toward being a better person
  •             it helps me live a better life,
  •             I am a writer.


Writing about life matters to all of us.

It informs and helps us understand our legacies. It connects us, gives us a sense of belonging, and helps us live more consciously.

For me it all comes down to this one belief – Writing Life Matters.

Welcome to Writing Life Matters.

My hope is to inspire more of us to write as legacy for our families and by doing so, benefit a little ourselves.