Why Writing Life Matters

Naming a business comes with responsibility, just like naming your baby. You feel like you want to get it just right by coming up with a name that fits the look and personality.mydesign

When I zeroed in on Writing Life Matters, I knew I’d found the perfect name to describe my company and me.

With a focus on journaling legacy, the name works on many levels.

For starters, journal writing can bring us –

  • clarity,
  • direction,
  • mindfulness,
  • inner peace,
  • a form of meditation,
  • and enhanced creativity.

The writing life matters to me because:

  •             when I’m not writing I’m off balance,
  •             writing is much better than not writing,
  •             it helps me make sense of life,
  •             it moves me toward being a better person
  •             it helps me live a better life,
  •             I am a writer.


Writing about life matters to all of us.

It informs and helps us understand our legacies. It connects us, gives us a sense of belonging, and helps us live more consciously.

For me it all comes down to this one belief – Writing Life Matters.

Welcome to Writing Life Matters.

My hope is to inspire more of us to write as legacy for our families and by doing so, benefit a little ourselves.